Hello there!Thank you for coming by to check me out. You are probably here because you are thinking about investing in something I am promoting. In today’s online world, it’s wise to research exactly what is being offered, if the offer is legitimate and who is endorsing it. So grab a snack, make yourself comfortable and I’ll tell you a little about myself.

There in the picture on the left, that’s me and Tom, my husband of over 40 years.Tom and Sandy (I’m the one without the moustache. Cool
We have walked together through our lives and individually – together always in heart, mind and soul and individually to walk our own path, make our own discoveries and have our own thoughts. The recipe for a good marriage. Tom and I together have six children, eleven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren and nieces and nephews galore. After living 32 years in the beautiful state of Florida, we recently closed our detailing business and moved to the breathtaking foothills of the Smokies in Tennessee. We are looking forward to living our golden years in the glow of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Mind Manager

Motivational Adviser and Life Coach

Tom and I loved attending positive thinking rallies, as they were known back in the day. We followed the teachings of the greats like Zig Zieglar, David Cooper and Anthony Robbins, the classic Dr. Joseph Murphy of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind fame and contemporaries such as Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor. We have firsthand evidence that the Law of Attraction works, as long as you take action to attach your thoughts to the power of the Universe. Simply put, manage your thoughts because your thoughts control your life. In 2003, I founded a group of like-minded people and became the “Original Mind Manager”. That small email broadcast turned into a motivational blog that still gives me great joy and allows me to help people, as a motivational adviser and Life Coach, to find their own path to be happier and more productive. I personally invite you to join us at mindmgr.com While you’re there, pick up your free copy of my report, “31 Steps to a Better You”. And to get more motivational and inspirational tips, please LIKE my Facebook page at facebook.com/MyMindManager. Managing My Thoughts

Phoenix Rising Graphics
Phoenix RisingI’ve been designing and building websites since you had to write them with html. (For you non-techies, it doesn’t matter what that means 😉 Ah, the good ol’ days before WordPress. In recent years, I have worked exclusively with WordPress. If you need to set up a website, I can introduce you to my constituents since I don’t build them anymore. However, if you need help with your content, I am experienced with proofreading, editing and copy writing as well.
I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I create in many mediums – pencil, charcoal, pastels, clay, fabric. I was considered an odd child because I preferred to look at the world from a different angle than most, then I would draw what I saw. Years later, my husband and I developed a passion for photography and I used my personal perspective to capture the beauty of a world that many don’t see. In those olden times, we developed our pictures in large sizes and I would print poems or quotes on the pictures with pen and ink and frame them for unusual gifts we sold at county fairs (remember, that was long before the Internet) and gave to family and friends. Looking back, we recognize these as the forerunners of memes that are so popular today. With the rise of digital photography came the opportunity to develop our huge library of images, which I use as original and unique backgrounds for graphic designs. I’ll soon be setting up a few pages where you’ll find some free original graphics and Facebook Cover images there, along with a variety of one-of-a-kind website headers and Social Media cover images. Check back periodically – I’ll have more information here where you can find those.

To Sum It All Up...That's Me!I’m a “half-full” kind of gal. Of course I have bad times; but I refuse to let them last for long. I’ve found laughter to be the best medicine for almost anything. I am so very grateful for my soul mate and loving husband, beautiful kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, and for my true friends. I believe in the Power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction – I’ve practiced it and have seen its miraculous work. Everything that means anything takes effort, but there is always an exciting and challenging reward over each hurdle. And I believe that if you make the effort to learn something new everyday, your mind will stay sharp and in tact. I have broad shoulders to help with your load if you will meet me half way, and open arms for anyone who needs a hug. My life has no room for worry or regret. “Deal with it as it comes” is my motto and Laughter and Peace are my goals. Want to come along with me ?

Oh, and just one more thing…Would you please put your dishes in the sink as you leave? Thanks a lot, Sweetie! You’re a doll!

What People Say About Me

I have known Sandy Gaither over 50 years. She is highly motivated, intelligent, creative and a walking source of knowledge. I have learned if you turn to her for whatever, if she doesn’t have a solution, she will get one. If you need a bit of inspiration, motivation or just a kind heart to listen, Sandy is there for you. Her Mind Manager has guided me many times, giving me courage, hope and strength.

Peggy Martin – Leisure and Hospitality Business Expert
Somerset, KY

I have known Sandy for over 20 years. She is one of the best things that has happened to me both personally and professionally. She has added a new dimension to my business because of her computer and internet marketing skills. She is a very patient mentor, a great mastermind partner, and always a joy to work with. Anyone she touches will be equally blessed to have her on their team.

Pat Dunham – Tiny House Advisor, Entrepreneur
Tampa Bay Area

I can’t even remember how long it has been since I first met Sandy Gaither…but it has been a long time now! Sandy has always impressed me with her forthright work ethic and always striving to do more and in a better way…and taking the time to be concerned that things are done right the first time! That sort of commitment to a project is not seen too often these days. When you find someone who actually cares about what they are doing and does a good job, then you stick with them!

Robin Melvin
Special Effects of Boca Grande & Gasparilla Outfitters
Boca Grande, FL

I met Sandy through Pat Dunham (Tiny House Advisor) about 7 years ago. There is just something so special about Sandy. I live in Missouri and she lived in Florida at the time. We never had the chance to work on any projects together, but we always stayed connected. I have always been blown away by her intelligence, ingenuity, spunkiness, work ethic, and big heart. In a nutshell, she is somebody I admire and am proud to call friend. She knows so much about so many things and has always been a great adviser to me when I needed help with a website issue or marketing idea.

Wendy Brennan
Yummi Kitchen

Sandy and I have been friends for years, and she is definitely someone I value! Her aura exudes such positivity, her work ethic is unparalleled and her dedication to providing quality service, whether it be professionally or personally, is top notch!

Kimmi van der Veen – Fitness Consultant, Store Manager
Fit2Run – Sarasota, FL

I have known Sandy for at least 8 years and find her to be dependable and thoughtful with a great work ethic! I am very comfortable recommending her to anyone.

Wayne Forristall – Master Mechanic
North Port, FL

I have known Sandy for over two years both professionally and personally. I hold her in the highest regard for her ethical business practices and her inherently decent nature. It has always been a pleasure dealing with her.

Sunny Sunshine – Finance Comptroller

I have known Sandy and Tom for several years, a chance meeting stemming from wanting to have my car painted, but being advised to detail it. That began a friendship that continues to this day.
Sandy has always been dedicated, informed, level headed and kind. Her intelligence and savvy have made us fast friends and her varied experiences, a vital component to her likability. She has a wonderful mind, and a way to connect with others that makes her outstanding in all ways. Definitely a friend to cherish.

Cheri Wolf
North Port, Fl